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Classification Of Padlocks

Feb 21, 2017

1. Marble structures such padlock

Such locks using cylindrical marble set inside the lock cylinder obstacles, so that the lock cylinder not turn, achieve the effect of locking. Marble structure is one of the locks are often used for. Lock the lock body is made of metal sheets overlap and to, give the feeling of thick solid, known as the "laminated padlock", but its internal structure is the marble structure on, so there is a marble structure such padlock.

2. The leaf structure of padlocks

Such locks using the different shape of the sheet metal barrier effect, play the purpose of locking, zinc alloy or the alloy lock is often used in this type of structure.

3. Magnetic structure of padlocks

Based on principles of magnetic repulsion, magnetic lock system is used, betweenthe lock slots and PIN with a magnetic metal separator with the keys the same magnetic Board, key not in direct contact with the PIN when slotless magnetic key insert lock slot rotates smoothly, the key hit a metal separator, generate strong repulsive forces, will be opened locks easily. In addition to using magnetic attraction between the principle of metal plate, and by spring to open locks.

4. Serial structure of padlocks

Formed by the main lock locks and his Deputy, main and auxiliary locks have mutual effects, are interlinked. Connecting two locks that lock master lock Vice, only open and remove the two under lock, master lock to open.

5. Number structure of padlocks

Locks lock body shell device a slide mechanism, which connected to the holes andslots, you can move and rotate, connected to the dial and turning, turn-or cam-likemetal blades are fitted with teeth, rotate and move, by dialing the number lock toopen on their own, this type of lock without a key.