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Customs Lock TSA Uses

Feb 21, 2017

(1) Why would TSA locks the Customs: starting from January 2003, TSA entered theUnited States requires all airport baggage must be opened for inspection, and TSA issued a warning: unless you are using a TSA-certified locks, locked or checkedbaggage or not, or customs will have the right to pry open the damaged checkedbaggage locks

(2) The TSA lock how to check the Customs: customs inspectors have a TSA lock keys in hands, open the luggage checks have to be very careful to ensure that a safeand luggage checked again after the lock.

(3) The TSA combination lock how to use: open the TSA customs locks there are two ways: one is locked itself with some keys or consumers can set the password and the other is the key to special customs, customs have a TSA lock keys in hands (TSA lock indicating the corresponding key number on the bottom);