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Principle Of Dial Combination Lock

Feb 21, 2017

This is a no amount of key electronic components and high reliable mechanical combination lock. Its mode of operation is unique, similar to the old telephone dial –dial from the start, turn the dial clockwise to one digital, then return to the starting point, just enter a password. And so on until the last password is entered, then beginning a counterclockwise rotating dial you can unlock. In the lock at the same time, there has been reset, so dial back where it started after the lock, you will have to enter a password to unlock, do not need to consider internal reset problem. If you mistyped your password, turn the dial counterclockwise (virtual lock) can also be reset, and then retype the password.

This lock, there can be more than 2.98 million sets of the six digit PIN password for host change, confidentiality is extremely high. Optional password groups are arranged in a row, provides convenience to choose easy to remember password. Has developed the basic product, password and password can also be redesigned according to the user needs. Users can also add alarm interface.