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Simple Definition Of TSA Lock

Feb 21, 2017

TSA is U.S. abbreviations of the Transportation Security Administration, which stands for the United States transportation security administration.

Custom known as the Customs lock lock is also commonly known as, refers to theCustoms transit luggage goods and the transport of goods under customs supervision for safety testing shall ensure cargo safety during transport and the international customs universal universal TSA private key. Is in need of attention, China's customs do not have dedicated keys, namely, China Customs will not permit the parties to open the trunk.

Customs TSA locks are generally boxes need to go abroad with the Department is open to check your luggage, if there is no customs lock TSA, customs can not usespecial customs the master lock TSA customs opened the suitcase, suitcase by customs inspectors to force knocking on your own lock on the box. So, either use thecustom lock, or is checked by customs inspectors open damaged luggage lock.